Healthy Students.  That’s our promise

Mobile Health ClinicStudents must work hard to succeed in school.  If they lack access to basic health and preventative care, their task is a lot tougher.

Family Health Center’s Mobile Health Clinic provides quality care to under-served young people in the Kalamazoo Public Schools district.  Health students learn better, helping them succeed in school and take full advantage of the Kalamazoo Promise.

What is the Mobile Health Clinic?

It’s a 40-foot long, 300 square foot rolling doctor’s office – three exam rooms, a check-in and waiting area, modern Kalamazoo Mobile Health Clinic Interiormedical gear, and a staff of three healthcare professionals to provide primary health care and preventative services.

Why is this unit needed?

Kalamazoo County children have significantly worse health outcomes compared to state outcomes.  That means hundreds of children

are not receiving well-child care, immunizations, and other services that are vital to protecting them from preventable diseases and poor health.  The mobile clinic helps address this disparity by bringing crucial care directly to these young patients.

What services are available?

Kalamazoo Mobile Health Clinic Exam Room

Think of this unit like an outpatient doctor’s office.  It delivers comprehensive healthcare services such as physicals, immunizations, well-child visits, and check-ups for illnesses and chronic conditions.  It’s not set up to handle emergencies (major lacerations, loss of consciousness, etc.)  which should continue to be directed to a hospital emergency room.

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Will this mobile unit replace FHC clinics?

No.  A fully staffed and equipped clinic is the best place to receive care.  The mobile unit is an added tool to reach individuals who aren’t near or can’t get to a clinic.

Who can use the unit?

At present we’re focusing on KPS students, siblings, and family members.  We may expand access in the future.

Kalamazoo Mobile Health Clinic

How do I schedule an appointment?

Call the scheduling line at FHC at 269-349-2641 (Choose Option 2) or contact the Community in Schools Coordinator at your school.  Updates to mobile unit schedules will also be posted online.

The Mobile Health Clinic is made possible by a generous donation from The Learning Network of Greater Kalamazoo, which is dedicated to creating and sustaining a culture of learning at home, at school, at work, and throughout the community.

Hours of Operation

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