Helping patients manage chronic pain.

Family Health Center - Pain ReviewOur Pain Review Team is specially trained to help you find relief for your chronic pain by exploring a wide range of treatment options.  The first step is talking with your primary Provider at any Family Health Center location.  Next, a Family Health Center Physician will make a determination of eligibility and will refer you to the Pain Review Program when appropriate.  Please note that Pain Review Program appointments are currently only available at our Paterson location: 117 W Paterson.

Our Pain Review Team’s primary concern is your quality of life. We work with other members of your medical team to coordinate your care, determine treatment options and make additional referrals when necessary.


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Can I be a patient at FHC?

Yes! We provide services for all people in Kalamazoo County who have no health insurance, are covered by Medicaid or Medicare.

If you have no health insurance and you do not qualify for Medicaid, you may qualify for our Sliding Fee Scale. To apply, please bring proof of income and proof of Kalamazoo County residency.

Click to view examples of accepted documentation.