FHC Helps Shatter Myths Around Substance Use

Family Health Center hosted a fun event with a serious goal: educating teens about alcohol and drugs.

The theme of the Jan. 22-25 event was “Shatter the Myths.” Partnering with Prevention Works, we set up an information table at our Paterson campus, offering snacks, information packets (in both English and Spanish) and experts who could talk about alcohol and drugs to help teens make responsible choices. We also reached out to parents and families so they could be educated on this constantly changing issue and ways to support our youth.

Part of the fun involved an educational Drug Facts quiz. Those who took it learned more about alcohol and drugs, and they were entered in a raffle for a Kindle Fire. Out of 65 participants, our grand prize winner was Janessa Sims who did an awesome job!

It was impressive to see how many people were committed to the youth of our community and are willing to partner with the Family Health Center to “Shatter the Myths.” We look forward to more fun events targeting prevention of substance use disorders and outreach to those who already struggle with the disorder.

Congratulations to Janessa Sims, our grand prize winner!