Health Services

FHC's new clinic is located at 505 E. Alcott Street in Kalamazoo.

Integrated Care

Integrated Care uses a team-based approach to pull together medical, dental and behavioral treatments. Our providers look at all of your health needs at one location, often in one visit. That means personalized service, complete care and less hassle. It’s the future of health care, and we’re proud to bring it to you at our Alcott Campus location.

Family Medicine

Comprehensive health care for people of all ages:

  • Diagnose and treat acute conditions like colds, flu & abdominal pains
  • Diagnose and treat chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure & obesity
  • Refer you and coordinate care with other Providers (like Counselors & Dentists) within FHC
  • Refer you to other specialists in the community as needed
  • Provide patient education and preventative health care plans

Your medical home for children from birth to adolescence, including children with special needs. Our goal is to improve the health of your child, provide timely care and center care around positive family functioning.

Physical and Occupational therapy

In-house referrals for on-site physical and occupational therapy to aid in the rehabilitative process.

Internal Medicine

Our Board Certified Physicians and Physician Assistants are trained to diagnose and treat specialized adult conditions and illnesses like allergies, heart disease, hormone disorders, blood disorders, infectious diseases, diseases of the gut, kidney diseases, cancer prevention and referral, lung diseases, arthritis and musculoskeletal disorders.


Preventative care, education and comprehensive treatment for pregnant and non-pregnant women. Our OB/GYN Team is trained to diagnose and treat women in all phases of life:  from puberty to adulthood to later-life.

On-site Pharmacy

Prescriptions filled while you wait (Paterson and Alcott campuses). Access to assistance programs. Reduced prices for patients who qualify for Sliding Fee Scale assistance. Over-the-counter medicines and diabetic supplies also available.

Immediate Care

Walk-in clinics at Paterson and Alcott campuses for acute conditions only, such as colds and flu. Paterson open Mon.-Sat. and Alcott open Mon.-Fri.


Preventive care, cleanings, extractions, full and partial dentures, and sealants for adults and children. Our dental staff members are graduates of fully accredited dental schools.

Behavioral and Mental Health

Therapy, substance abuse counseling, and mental health treatment for the entire family. Our Behavioral Health team provides diverse services ranging from mental health referrals, prescription assistance programs, and transportation referral assistance.

Lab Tests and Screenings

Essential tests and screenings are available on-site.


Medication assisted treatment, a program combining the use of medication and substance use disorder counseling to provide patients with a holistic approach to addressing addiction and dependence.